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OR Pendant
MagTek Fixed Arm pendant

Fixed single-arm surgical/endoscopic pendant MTG‐QN1 (functional box type)

MagTek Fixed Arm pendant

Mainly used in operating room, used as anesthesia pendant or surgical pendant, can also be used in rescue room, recovery room or ICU and other places.
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Specifications Single Cantilever Length (mm) Vertical Tube Height (mm) Function Box Length (mm) Rotary Arm Rotation Angle (°) Base rotation angle (°)
1100 600 1100 340° 340°
Base rotation angle (°) Pedestal payload Brake mode Working Voltage (blank)
200 kg Damping 100‐240 VAC 50‐60Hz
Standard Accessories
Standard Configuration Specification Quantity Platform/Loadbearing Laminate Side Rails/Loadbearing Drawer/Loadbearing Infusion stand Baskets
450x400 mm 50 kg(Max) 400 mm 10 kg(Max) 380x316x118 (H) 20kg (Max) Standard SUS304, 146*156*246mm
3 groups 6 groups 1 group 1 group 1 group
Power Interface Network Interface Phone Interface Ground terminal Hose tower gas hose
Wonpro Land Rules (220V) RJ‐45 RJ‐11 Panasonic Electrician Japan Toyo
5 groups 1 group 1 group 2 groups With the gas interface type
Option Options (Gas Interface/Vacuum/Display Stand)
Options Specification Quantity Oxygen (O2) Air (Air) Vacuum CO2 (CO2) Nitrogen (N2)
DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, GSO, BSO, JIS DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, GSO, BSO, JIS DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, GSO, BSO, JIS DISS, GSO DISS, GSO
Naughty (N2O) Gas Recovery (AGSS) Optional braking Luxury infusion trophy Luxury infusion trophy-2
DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, GSO, BSO, JIS Europe regulations Pneumatic Mechanical Drip rack and double extension arm Drip rack, double extension arm, ST bar
   1. The above price includes standard configuration, without optional accessories. Optional accessories see the price list of accessories, including standard packaging wooden boxes.
   2. This product adopts wooden box packing/accessories. If you need to specify other packaging forms, the fee must be quoted separately.
   3. Above, due to the convenience of design and manufacture, this table is set as a standard. If the customer has special needs, it can be proposed separately.
4. Product random files: packing list, certificate of conformity, product guarantee card, product specification, maintenance manual.