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Digital Area Alarm System
Digital Area Alarm System

Digital Area Alarm System

This product is a medical digital gas zone type alarm system, can carry 2 to 7 automatic detection device module (oxygen, nitrous oxide, air, vacuum, nitrogen and carbon dioxide), continuous induction gas pressure, detection pressure display To the system LCD panel. When the gas pressure at the supply side is higher or lower than the pressure range set by the user, an alarm is issued and the user can immediately understand the system status from the panel status indicator.
Remote monitoring alarm system can be equipped with RS-485 module, TCP / IP module dual system and remote monitoring SERVER can be achieved remote monitoring.
Model control: MDK-GAS3-LAN, MDK manufacturers, GAS3 three gas source gas alarm system, LAN with remote monitoring alarm system.

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System unique function:
SN 內容
1 The system is equipped with high sensitivity sensor, continuous sensing pressure, positive pressure error ± 1 Psi, negative pressure error ± 15 mmHg, with high recognition rate.
2 The system is equipped with Intel microcomputer processor, with a high degree of computing power, the advantages of small error rate, and according to user needs to change the design.
3 Digital LCD display pressure gauge, different from the traditional pointer pressure gauge, to provide Psi / Bar units, users more easily read the value.
4 System set alarm range value: positive pressure 75 ~ 42 Psi, negative pressure -380mmHg. According to the user can do fine-tuning.
5 Using AC 110 / 220V dual switching regulator power supply, the current value of about 0.5 amps to adapt to the use of the region.
4 Using AC 110 / 220V dual switching regulator power supply, the current value of about 0.5 amps to adapt to the use of the region.
3 Provide intelligent remote monitoring SERVER receiving management platform, which can effectively help manage and monitor multiple alarm systems. (Remote monitoring type)
4 Support RS-485 transmission protocol. (Remote monitoring type)
5 Support network transmission protocol: TCP / IP remote monitoring. (Remote monitoring type)
6 Support handheld device remote monitoring. (Remote monitoring type)
7 Providing multi-branch Internet remote monitoring can be instantly monitored, with less management to achieve multi-layer manpower maintenance resources.
Alarm system structure:
LCD Panel display instructions:
A.Normal:This panel shows the pressure value of the gas AIR; the pressure is now 62 psig; the conversion unit is 4.2 Bar.
1.No Singal:Panel display sensor No signal return.
2.No Gas:Panel display pipeline without gas supply.
※ If the LCD display status is abnormal, please notify the maintenance personnel to handle, do not operate, disassemble.