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Computer controlled Gas automatic exchange manifold
MF-H0106-IT-02 / MF-H0120-AT-07 / MF-L0104-SM-10,Computer controlled Gas automatic exchange manifold
Use the gas type:
    High pressure oxygen, liquid oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, argon, and other gases.
    Gas Bus:
    Cylinder type X2 standard, according to user needs can be expanded.
    Liquid cylinders 4 bottles X2 / evaporator X2 optional.
  •  One measurement
Inlet 0 – 4000 Psi Outlet 0 - 400 Psi
Inlet 0 – 500 Psi Outlet 0 - 350 Psi
  • Secondary Measurements       Inlet 0 – 300 Psi Outlet 0 - 125 Psi
  Electric valve:   
  • The electromagnetic valve 1/2"
  • Computer driven ball valve,1/2”,24VDC.  
  • Programmable controller, upgrade monitoring (optional).
  • Man-machine operating system, three-way control, interface: RS-485 RS-232 X1, Ethernet X1.
4-digit digital display X 3 comes standard.
WinCE Operating System

Chinese Operator Interface

operation screen

Usage Statistics Screen

Status History Screen

Alert Record Screen
Operating System:
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