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Distributed Central Monitoring Computer System
Distributed Central Monitoring Computer System-金秋醫院

Distributed Central Monitoring Computer System-金秋醫院

With labor reduction and personnel cost considerations, the Distributed Monitor System is a very user-friendly monitoring program that can save your manpower management support. With this software, you can integrate the central system of multi-hospital areas, and you can easily record the usage status. , For users to access exceptions, and abnormal usage analysis, but also to capture the output of the database output, in order to achieve effective prevention and effectiveness management.
Through Internet transmission, the addition of multi-housing management has brought the distance between multi-hospital areas closer, reducing manpower dispatch。
The central system can freely add terminal monitoring equipment according to user requirements。
Built-in database, user access exception records, usage records, and trend report tables。
Built-in Web Server allows browsing of monitoring screens based on user rights。